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Elvish Yadav explains his reasoning for beating up YouTuber Maxtern: “I’m sorry, but…”

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The Bigg Boss OTT season 2 winner and YouTuber Maxtern (Sagar Thakur) revealed that Sagar Thakur had been harassing Elvish Yadav for months and had even threatened to burn Elvish’s parents alive. This came out hours after an FIR was filed against Elvish for allegedly beating Maxtern.

Wazirabad is the hometown of Elvish, formerly known as Siddharth Yadav, who is from Gurugram. He said that although he gets furious easily, he is not that way in real life and apologized for thrashing Maxtern.

“Maxtern is now claiming that I was granted bail on every accusation in the FIR because of my influence. If I had been that powerful, I could have ended the FIR back then. But Maxtern came to Gurugram and brought me to his attention. Elvish was described by HT as stating, “I would like to apologize to everyone who feels that my image was hurt, but at that moment it felt right.”

Dispute regarding Elvish Yadav?

Mr. Yadav claimed he was set up and defended his actions from yesterday. “First plan and play the victim” was the headline of an Instagram post he said the YouTuber had threatened to “burn” him and his parents alive.

The viral video, which was the result of a social media spat between the two YouTubers, showed Mr. Yadav assaulting Mr. Thakur in a clothes store.

The majority-gaming content creator, Mr. Thakur, had expressed worry over Elvish Yadav’s fan pages “spreading hate and propaganda” and alleged that Mr. Yadav had threatened to kill him.

In his video, Mr. Yadav said that on the day of the event, he had invited Mr. Thakur to his house, but that Mr. Thakur had been provoked by the publication of their chat screenshots. “Maxtern threatened to burn my family and me alive and made some remarks about us. He said, “I beat him up over this and threatened to come get him wherever he was.

At last, they got together at a clothes store run by Maxtern’s friend.

Elvish said he was not carrying a firearm when Maxtern called him in a clothes store. Maxtern was prepared for everything. He had the microphone on and there was a hidden camera. If you watch the video, you can hear people thrashing around. Because of this, he had prepared everything and understood how to use it all. Maxtern was by himself, although I attended with ten or twelve people. However, the truth is that he was accompanied by four individuals, and I was not there to beat them up. But in reality, they were impeding me.”

“If your mother or any other family member is in danger, I want to know how everyone is going to react. I tried to work things out with him after the fight. He didn’t show up when I called him at home. He filed a FIR the following day and then asked why I was not charged with 307 (attempt to murder). The call is being supported by the Left lobby, which has always opposed me because I talk about Hindutva,” stated Elvish.

About what did Maxtern complain?

In his complaint, Maxtern, also known as Sagar Thakur, a YouTuber from Delhi who specializes in instructional content, said that Elvish had threatened to murder him and attempted to break his back. Elvish responded to this by saying, “The spine cannot be shattered in that way. Yes, I did threaten him, but I did so in a fury. I had the option to report him to the police, but I chose not to.”

FIR registered

An FIR was registered against Yadav and others at Sector 53 Police Station on Friday night, alleging violations of IPC sections 147 (riots), 149 (unlawful assembly), 323 (causing harm), and 506 (criminal intimidation). 

Elvish Yadav Requested to Be Interviewed by Police After Attacking a YouTuber 

After being seen on camera attacking a YouTuber, Bigg Boss OTT 2 winner Elvish Yadav has been contacted by Gurugram Police for questioning. According to the police, they asked Mr. Yadav to attend the Tuesday interrogation at Sector 53 Police Station after sending him a notice.

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