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Mahira Sharma and Other TV Actresses on Mahashivratri: When I prayed to Shiva, I felt a strong feeling of connection

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mahira sharma

Shiva has always had a personal and professional influence on the Bepanah Pyaar actress, according to her. “My devotion to Lord Shiva has had a very pure influence on me, and I’m not sure how it will affect my personal or professional life. Relationships, general well-being, and a sense of power, peace and guidance have all been enhanced by devotion to Lord Shiva. It has also professionally influenced me,” she says.

Mahira Sharma feels a strong connect with Shiva

Actress Mahira Sharma, of Bigg Boss fame, is a follower of Lord Shiva and observes a fast on Mahashivratri each year. “I fast, practice meditation, and give prayers to Lord Shiva in observance of Mahashivratri. “I visit Shiva temples for divine blessings, and I also observe a day-long fast and perform rites like bathing the Shiva lingam in  honey, milk and water, offering Bilva leaves, and performing mantras like the Shiva Mahamrityunjaya Mantra.” Spiritual activities are held throughout the day to achieve knowledge, wisdom, and inner serenity. This year, as I do every year, I will fast, go to the Shiv temple, and pray.”

mahira sharma
Mahira Sharma

“I have had a profound sense of connection during prayers, had moments of clarity or insight, found comfort during trying times, or seen signs and synchronicities that validate their beliefs because of my devotion to Lord Shiva. The 26-year-old continues, “I frequently treasure moments of spiritual awareness or personal transformation prompted by my devotion to Lord Shiva.

Lord Shiva is the personification of transcendence and detachment, and this is one of his most inspirational teachings. Sharma emphasizes how much she respects Lord Shiva’s teachings by telling us that “Lord Shiva’s role as a creator, preserver, and destroyer symbolizes the cyclical nature of life and the certainty of change.”

Mahira Sharma also talks about the holy places she has been to up till now as a devotee. “I have travelled to a few locations, including Shiv Khori, Mahakaleshwar Temple, and Ujjain. In Jammu and Kashmir, India’s Reasi area is home to the cave shrine known as Shiv Khori. The cave is incredibly exquisitely devoted to Lord Shiva. I consider Ujjain to be one of the seven sacred towns, and my favourite of the twelve Jyotirlingas is Mahakaleshwar Jyotirlinga, which is devoted to Lord Shiva. It is renowned for having a distinctive lingam that is thought to manifest itself,” Mahira Sharma concludes.

Actress Aneri Vajani talks about her relationship with Shiva and Maha Shivratri

As actress Anen Vajani dazzles with her depiction of Gauri on the TV show Baghin, the show gains popularity. During Maha Shivratri, Aneri shows her great devotion to Lord Shiva, emphasizing the importance of rituals and the divine unity of Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati.

aneri vajani
Aneri Vajani

Aneri discusses her specific rituals for this auspicious day and her deep-seated love to Lord Shiva as Maha Shivratri draws near. Aneri Vajani expressed her respect for Lord Shiva by saying, “As a devoted devotee of Lord Shiva, I see great significance in the festival of Shivratri.

An atmosphere of optimism and tranquillity is created during this auspicious occasion by the group chanting of Om Namah Shivay. Maha Shivratri commemorates the celestial union of Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati, which is symbolic of the devotion of Shiva-Gaun, according to ancient texts. It is thought that Lord Shiva makes his way to Earth on this day, inhabiting the Shivalinga and asking followers to offer holy water. Even with her hectic shooting schedule for her show, Baghin Aneri is devoted to her spiritual practices.

“My shooting commitments keep me busy, but every Monday I make it a point to visit Lord Shiva’s temple to offer my prayers and gratitude,” the woman revealed. I feel calm and happy after doing this routine, which promotes inner serenity. I therefore want to carry on this custom on Maha Shivratri by praying to Lord Shiva for everyone’s well-being.

Monika Khanna opens up about Mahashivratri saying, “Shiv is one and the ultimate form of being”

Monika Khanna of Ikk Kudi Punjab Di talks with ETimes TV about her Mahashivratri celebrations and recollections. She has become stronger as a result of Lord Shiva’s teachings, which have helped her face her anxieties and make sensible decisions. Her performance in the TV series keeps winning hearts.

monika khanna
Monika Khanna

The actress Monika Khanna, who has a close relationship with Lord Shiva, talked candidly about the significance of that day in her life. She spoke with ETimes TV in which she discussed her celebration of the day, her memories associated with it, and other things.

She goes on to say that Lord Shiva has supported her in every circumstance.

In ikk Kudi Punjab Di, Monika Khanna plays Teji. She stated, “Lord Shiva means a lot to me; he is someone who has proven that life is unpredictable.” Everything in him, in my opinion, speaks to the contradiction that everything in life has both good and negative aspects, but that we must take each as it comes. We should always maintain our composure, exercise good judgment, and then make judgments that will affect our lives.”

“Shiv is one and the ultimate form of our being,” she continued. I want to tell everyone on this Mahashivratri occasion that you should always face your fears and deal with problems head-on since doing so will only make you stronger. I adhere to these principles because I think they encapsulate the lessons and narrative of Lord Shiva.

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