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Pulkit Samrat’s mansion is ready, he and Kriti Kharbanda will check into this opulent hotel in Manesar

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Actress Kriti Kharbanda and actor Pulkit Samrat are set to tie the knot. Everything has been set up for both. Raja, the groom, arrived in Delhi from Mumbai. Their wedding location has now been disclosed in a recent update detailing their union.
pulkit samrat kriti kharbanda wedding

Pulkit Samrat and Kriti Kharbanda are soon to tie the knot in their romance. This couple, who have been dating for a long time, will tie the knot on March 15.

The actor arrived at his Delhi house on Monday in this state. There are rumours that the wedding ceremony will begin on March 13. which ends on March 16th. A new update on the wedding venue has surfaced. In addition to this, a view of the light-decorated actor’s home is visible.

This hotel will be hosting the wedding

Let us inform you that Delhi is home to both Kriti Kharbanda and Pulkit Samrat. The pair chose to get married in Delhi since both of their families are residents of this city. Bollywood Hungama reports that the couple will wed at an opulent resort in Manesar, which is close to Delhi. The ITC Grand Bharat Hotel is located atop the Aravalli Range.

pulkit samrat kriti kharbanda
Pulkit and Kriti

Pulkit, the groom, arrived in Delhi

On Monday, the actor arrived in Delhi. At the airport in Mumbai, Pulkit was observed. He was observed at this time sporting a fantastic look. He was dressed in loose, light-coloured maroon slacks and a white shirt. Thus, the prospective bride was spotted outside a Mumbai salon.

The home of Pulkit prepared for a wedding 

This couple’s wedding is the buzz of the town, and their invitation card is going viral as well. In addition, a video of the actor’s home—which appears to be decked out with sparkling lights—has surfaced.

Pulkit Samrat, Kriti Kharbanda Wedding

Pulkit Samrat and Kriti Kharbanda will soon tie the knot. The actress was seen in front of the camera after the wedding card went viral. The moment Kriti emerged from the salon, the photographers began to take pictures of her nonstop. Following this, the paparazzi began wishing the actress a happy marriage. However, Kriti was observed avoiding a response before departing.

Seen outside the salon

On social media, this Kriti Kharbanda video is becoming popular more and more. The actress was seen in this video sporting an identically coloured skirt and crop top. The moment the actress stepped into the camera, photographers began requesting that she strike a pose. Following this, he began wishing Kriti a happy marriage.

Kriti was spotted ignoring the subject of marriage

Photographers began congratulating Kriti Kharbanda on her impending marriage. Kriti was papped repeatedly, but she remained silent, felt awkward, grinned, and got in the car. On social media, this Kriti video is becoming popular more and more.

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