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Natu Natu looked amazing on the Oscar stage this time! Sanditu’s unique homage to RRR

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The film ‘RRR’ became an enormous blockbuster after its release in 2022. This movie has brought in thousands of crores of rupees at the box office. The Rajamouli-directed movie “RRR” is breaking records and got Oscar. This film was honoured with international prizes. The film has received numerous honours, including a Golden Globe. This movie’s tune “Natu Natu..” took home last year and is the Oscar winner.

The singers Rahul Sipliginj and Kala Bhairava, Keeravani’s son, sang the Chandra Bose song “Natu Natu.” ‘Natu-Natu’ is a worldwide hit song and a huge hit in India. This movie takes place before independence. This song is enhanced by the Tappanguchi style, which is a particularly attractive presentation of the folk song from that era. If this song has any significance, it’s Ram Charan and Ju. An additional burden on NTR Hokiro Jabardasth’s steps. These two superstars’ incredible dance moves have improved the tune. made it well-known worldwide.

Even though Natu-Natu hasn’t received the prize in a year, this year’s Oscar’s ceremony is noteworthy since it honours both Natu-Natu and RRR. ‘RRR’, an Oscar-winning film, received a special award in 1996 at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles, USA. The footage of the event went viral. In addition, a few movies were screened via video on stage as a way to honour the heroic sacrifices made by action movie heroes. The squad is even happier because it includes an action scene from the movie “RRR.” The Ram Charan and Junior NTR film “RRR,” directed by Rajamouli, holds numerous records. The fact that “RRR” was honoured at this year’s Oscars is very noteworthy.

Chandra Bose, who previously penned the lyrics for the song Natu-Natu, is also becoming well-known at this time. When asked how challenging it was to write the song for the RRR movie, he said, “There are 56 letters in the Telugu language.” There are so many words in our language, and they are so expressive and emotional. Telugu is a musical language with numerous lyrical elements. Writing even a popular word has the same effect as music. Language-aware people enjoy the song. “Those who are not fluent in the language find the music appealing,” stated Chandra Bose. The Oscars for “Original Song” went to Natu-Natu last year, while the Oscars for Best Documentary was given to the true story Elephant Whisperers.

A proud moment for India: ‘RRR’ receives a special Oscars award

Today, March 11, the 96th Academy Awards ceremony took place at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles, California. The movie ‘RRR’ has received a unique tribute on this site. Social media users have been sharing this occasion’s video a lot lately. As one fan put it, “it’s a proud moment for India.” On social media, this scene has become very popular. Everyone sends their best wishes to the SS Rajamouli team.

The film ‘RRR’ became an enormous blockbuster after its release in 2022. This movie has brought in thousands of crores of rupees at the box office. This movie’s tune “Natu-Natu..” took home the Oscars last year. This song’s footage was shown on the stage. The fans were pleased.

Not ready. To give particular recognition to the heroic efforts of action movie heroes, a special video has been created. The fact that this video included an action scene from the film “RRR” makes it unique. We shall have to wait and observe Rajamouli’s response to this.

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