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Before they worked together, Sargun Mehta declined to meet Shah Rukh Khan

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sargun mehta

The well-known actress Sargun Mehta has been getting a lot of praise for her contributions to the entertainment industry. Sargun’s talent goes beyond acting; she has successfully developed several well-liked series on Hindi GECs. The actress has gained recognition for her talent and charming on-screen character, and she never fails to astonish the audience. During a recent talk show appearance, Sargun talked about the challenges in her personal and professional lives.

Millions of people, including many in the entertainment sector, have the desire to meet Shah Rukh Khan. Sargun Mehta, the actor from Punjab, turned down two chances to see King Khan personally. You might wonder, why? The reason for this is that Sargun has a great desire to work with Shah Rukh on screen, and she has pledged never to meet him until that goal is realized.

Sargun Mehta discussed how she declined to meet with TV actor Ravi Dubey, her husband’s potential collaborator on a project starring Shah Rukh Khan. She explained her choice to Connect FM Canada, saying, “I had numerous opportunities to meet Shah Rukh Khan. My spouse Ravi Dubey and Shah Rukh Sir have worked together on a show two or three times. One day, Ravi told me at home, “Shah Rukh Khan is coming to my set tomorrow,” but I chose not to go. He visited Ravi’s show Jamai Raja’s set a second time, just before the premiere of his movie Dilwale. Still, I didn’t go.

sargun mehta

“Bachpan se (Since childhood),” stated Sargun Mehta. I believe Shah Rukh Khan inspired me to become an actor, and my goal has always been to woo him. Ravi (Ravi Dubey) says that “Shah Rukh Khan shoot pe aa raha hai aaj, come (Today Shah Rukh Khan is coming on the shoot, come” “No,” I reply. “It will afflict me so much that he will forget who I am,” I said. The day I work with him will be the only day that I meet him.”

Sargun Mehta disclosed that even though she didn’t meet SRK, the actor made a video specifically for her and pledged to work with her in the future. “My wife loves you, but she won’t meet you until you work with her,” Ravi said to Shah Rukh, sir. Shah Rukh sir remarked, “I will work with you very soon and wishing and hoping that this comes true for you,” in a video that Ravi filmed. I have that video, and I’ll use it to publicize the project whenever I collaborate with him. This is my manifestation’s insanity. Some dreams, she added, you only really like when they come true.

In an interview with a well-known news source, Sargun Mehta spoke up about her experiences as a female entrepreneur, her teenage years spent in Delhi, and much more. When the host asked Sargun if she wanted to work with Shah Rukh Khan and when the notion first came to her, she gave a thought-provoking response.

Sargun Mehta elaborated on her admiration for Shah Rukh Khan. She disclosed that she watched Shah Rukh Khan to go into acting. She developed an affection for SRK’s roles, and she acquired the technique from his on-screen personas. She reportedly threatened to fight with her college roommates if they made any disparaging remarks about SRK. “I wouldn’t talk to someone for months or years if they said something bad about Shah Rukh. I refused to believe that Shah Rukh Khan could be disliked by anyone. She remarked, “I didn’t even give them the right to despise him.”

Regarding her profession, Sargun is preparing for Jatt Nuu Chudail Takri, her upcoming Punjabi film. The film is scheduled to debut in theatres on March 15.

In terms of her television career, Sargun Mehta became well-known when her debut show, 12/24 Karol Bagh, aired in 2009. She went on to star in numerous other TV series after that, such as Phulwa and Balika Vadhu. When Sargun and Ravi Dubey competed in the couple-based dance reality competition Nach Baliye 5, they stole the show together. Their chemistry and friendship garnered the two a lot of affection.

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