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The trailer for “Shaitaan,” which will be released on March 8, features Madhavan casting a dark spell on Ajay Devgan’s daughter

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One of the most well-known actors in Bollywood is Ajay Devgn. He has acted in numerous popular films thus far. He released films like Bhola and Chanakya in the previous year. These films made good money at the box office. His film “Shaitaan” will soon be available to watch. A brief preview of it was shown to the audience in the meanwhile. The exciting trailer for this movie was just released.

Today saw the release of the teaser for the film “Shaitaan,” starring R Madhavan and Ajay Devgan. In this supernatural horror thriller, Ajay Devgan is seen defending his daughter. It shows R Madhavan controlling his daughter by using black magic on her. The film ‘Shaitaan’ is scheduled to premiere in theatres on March 8.

What is your impression of the movie trailer?

The phone call opens the 2-minute, 26-second trailer. He forced his way into our house, a woman on the call said. What he has done to my daughter, I do not know. He’s going to kill my daughter, so save her! In the teaser, Madhavan is also seen abducting Ajay’s daughter and using black magic on her. In the movie, Janaki Bodiwala plays the daughter of Ajay Devgan.

Following her possession by “Shaitan,” also known as Madhavan, Janaki occasionally slaps her father Ajay Devgan in the ear and occasionally threatens her with a knife. She can be seen eating dry tea leaves and dancing to Madhavan’s gestures at different times. It will be interesting to watch if Ajay Devgn can save his daughter from “Saitan’s” clutches in such a scenario. Vikas Bahl is the director of this movie. Jyothika, a South actress, will also feature in this movie.

“Shaitaan” is an adaptation of the Gujarati movie “Vash.”

“Vash,” a Gujarati film that debuted in February of last year, is the inspiration for the remake “Shaitaan.” This film’s plot revolves around the conflict between good and evil. For the movie, Ajay was cast in June of last year. He had originally chosen to produce the movie, but he later signed on to star in it as well.

After 27 years, South Asian actress Jyothika will return to Bollywood.

After 27 years, Jyothika, a well-known actress from South Africa, will return to Bollywood with this movie. In 1997, Jyothika made her acting debut in the Bollywood picture “Doli Saja Ke Rakna.” She relocated to the South after that and stopped working on Bollywood films. His films, “Madam Geeta Rani” and “Maas: Meri Jung One Man Army,” starring Nagarjuna, are well-known to Hindi viewers.

The Plot of the Movie

This movie’s plot revolves around horrific concepts like vashikaran and black magic. The teaser gives us a peek at how Madhavan, who spends ten minutes in Ajay Devgan’s home, uses black magic to make his daughter dance to his music. From there, the story gradually takes a terrible, violent turn. For the first time, R. Madhavan has portrayed a role like this.

The audience is eager to see the movie because of Madhavan’s menacing appearance and Ajay Devgn’s acting, and the trailer has only increased their curiosity. Vikas Behal is the director of this film. ‘Shaitaan’ is purportedly a re-imagining of the Gujarati film ‘Vash’ from 2023.

It’s clear from the movie’s trailer that there will be a juggling act in it. Based on the trailer, it appears that the movie will pique viewers’ interest. There will be powerful performances from Janaki Bodiwala, Jyothika, R. Madhavan, and Ajay Devgn. The entire ‘Shaitaan’ trailer is incredibly explosive and full of turns and twists.

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