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Article 370 Screening: Yami and her husband Aditya attended the star-studded Article 370 screening last night. 

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Yami and her husband Aditya attended Article 370 screening

Article 370 Screening: These days, Bollywood starlet Yami Gautam is making waves with her movie “Article 370.” The movie ‘Article 370’ is highly anticipated by the audience. Today, the Yami-starring film opens in theatres. The whole movie ensemble, including Yami Gautam and the director-producer, saw a special movie screening earlier yesterday in Mumbai. Aside from this, every celebrity in the business was present at the exclusive Article 370 screening. 

Yami Gautam and her spouse Aditya Dhar arrived at the Article 370 screening. They both struck numerous stances during this. At the premiere of her movie, Yami was spotted wearing a red costume. The actress was looking stunning at this point. The garment also revealed her growing baby bump. Her hair was left open, and her makeup was simple. All eyes were focused on Yami.  

Sunny Kaushal attended the Article 370 screening with his father, renowned director Ramesh Taurani, and actor Ninad Kamat. Sunny was sporting a dapper casual look at the time. 

Article 370 screening

In addition to Aditya Dhar and Yami Gautam, actor Arun Govil and his spouse were also present for the screening. ‘Article 370’ was screened before Om Raut, Taha Shah, Manoj Joshi, Mrunal Thakur, and casting director Mukesh Chhabra. Mrinal wore all black, displaying his glitzy sense of style.  

In contrast, this film describes the Kashmir Valley’s position on ‘Article 370’. Today, February 23, is the first day that this movie is available in theatres. ‘Article 370’ is a fast-paced, action-packed political drama centred around rendering ‘Article 370’ ineffectual to curtail terrorism in Kashmir.  

Article 370 Screening Yami Gautam: She described how she shot “Article 370” while pregnant, saying that being a mother is an incredibly lovely and sacred emotion

Yami Gautam is one of those Bollywood actresses who gained notoriety overnight with her appearance in “Vicky Donor” and has since established herself as a talented actor who can play both big-screen and OTT roles. Yami, who gained attention recently because of her pregnancy, is set to star in a movie that tackles topics similar to “Article 370.” She opens up about her pregnancy, marriage to Aditya Dhar, movies, patriotism, and Kangana Ranaut in an exclusive chat. 

Article 370 screening

You recently disclosed that you are expecting a child; how does it feel to be approaching motherhood?

It’s a really lovely sensation. This is the most beautiful and spiritual journey to feel the closest to Mother Nature. Feeling fantastic. We should all be happy since we are all really happy. It’s best not to overthink things. Right now, I don’t want to overthink things. I’m not a big internet user. You simply have to go with the flow, I suppose. You need to direct your attention where it is needed in these situations. Your body speaks for you. All you need to do is smile. Enjoy your reading, viewing, and whatever I’m doing. 

During a press conference, it was observed that your spouse, writer-director Aditya Dhar, was looking after you quite well. Aren’t you both at a really good place right now in your lives?

He has been considerate all along. Yes, everyone found out when we made our first appearance in the media in this manner. Aditya has a great heart. I find myself in a state of divine power with them. Aditya was on set with me when I found out I was pregnant. We had previously filmed the action scenes, which was a good thing. Every training session was completed. There were only exterior shots remaining. Aditya was with me even at that moment. My family continued to come and go even during the shooting. You are only allowed to share these items with your family during that period. This is really private. In any case, Aditya and I don’t talk much. We don’t share anything on social media about our personal lives.

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