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Scarlett Johansson: Saturday Night Live Celebrates the State of the Union’s Bounty

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Scarlett Johansson

Many viewers found Senator Katie Britt’s Republican reaction to be satirical, as it appeared to minimize Scarlett Johansson’s work.

“Saturday Night Live” was bound to take a big bite out of the satirical bounty provided by Thursday’s State of the Union. The only real mystery, perhaps, heading into this weekend’s show, which starred Ariana Grande as a musical guest and was hosted by Josh Brolin, was who would portray Alabama Senator Katie Britt, the author of the much-discussed Republican response to President Biden‘s speech.

It turned out that “S.N.L.” did not choose a cast member for the role of Britt, but it didn’t take long to find one: Scarlett Johansson, the actress and two-time Academy Award nominee, six-time “S.N.L.” host, and, yes, the spouse of Weekend Update co-anchor Colin Jost, played Britt.

Mikey Day, the resident Joe Biden impersonation at “S.N.L.,” took the stage in front of Punkie Johnson (as Vice President Harris) and Michael Longfellow (as Speaker Mike Johnson), after a quick introduction by Ego Nwodim as CNN’s Abby Phillip.

“People, tonight I’m going to cover a lot,” Day declared. There will be a lot of applause. I hope you didn’t skip leg day, Kamala, my dear. You will not be able to sleep through the night. (Inevitably, Longfellow did not stand up and cheer, but Johnson did.)

Day went on, “I’m going to be talking about my predecessor tonight as well.” primarily because Mike Johnson always shakes his head whenever I mention the word “predecessor,” as if he had just happened to get a 30-second clip from “Euphoria.” Take a look at that freak.

Day responded to the jeers directed at her by Heidi Gardner, who was portraying Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, by saying, “I think she’s going to help me more than anything else I could say here.” “Enjoy.”

Johansson imitated the senator’s rapid style and peculiar phraseology while sitting in a mockup of the kitchen where Britt delivered her now-famous statement.

Johansson declared, “I’ll be trying out for the role of scary mom tonight.” Additionally, I’ll be doing a unique monologue titled “This country is hell.”

Like any mother, Johansson continued, “I’m going to suddenly turn into a shockingly violent story about sex trafficking.” You can be confident that all of the details are accurate. except for the year, the location, and the president at the time.

Johansson alluded to the hypnosis sequence in “Get Out” and launched into a QVC sales pitch during her answer. “Kitchens are where families have the hard conversations,” the speaker observed.

“Such as the one about how Mommy scared the whole nation that we’ll have tomorrow,” she remarked.

This week’s featured music video

When it came to hosting, Brolin was willing to do almost anything that “S.N.L.” asked of him, particularly if it entailed taking off his underwear. However, in a scene where he performs a slow jam with Andrew Dismukes, who portrays a traveller attempting to view a movie on Brolin’s screen, he glows just as brilliantly (while still wearing his clothing). The Brad Pitt sci-fi drama “Ad Astra” has perhaps received the most attention since its debut. The males look stunning in their Michael Bolton-style wigs, and Chloe Troast delivers a vocal flourish towards the end.

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