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Actor Salman Khan: A joint project between Salman Khan and AR Murugadoss Are you aware of the budget’s size? 

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ar murugadoss

AR Murugadoss took a break from directing after Rajinikanth’s Durbar. He is currently directing Sivakarthikeyan in the movie SK 23. The fans are eagerly awaiting this movie. In the movie, Sivakarthikeyan reportedly plays a police officer. In this movie, Rukmini Vasanth plays the lead role. It was previously stated that Mimalini would take up this responsibility. However, Murugadoss had previously stated in an interview that he selected Rukmini Vasantha because he was looking for a heroine who looked natural. 

After this movie, Salman Khan is rumoured to be directing Kick 2 in Bollywood, which Murugadoss will helm. The action is prioritized in this movie, and the plot is being developed. The first phase of filming is scheduled to begin in May, and the crew promises to work quickly to complete it. The second phase of filming is scheduled to begin in July. Additionally, the crew has stated that AR Murugadoss will finish Sivakarthikeyan’s SK 23 sooner. 

Director AR Murugadoss

AR Murugadoss is directing Sivakarthikeyan’s SK 23, the Tamil film Durbar, starring Rajinikanth. Filming for this movie has begun and is still ongoing. In the movie, Rukmini plays opposite Vasanth Sivakarthikeyan. Schedules for the future are being prepared and carried out. AR has promised to helm a Bollywood movie starring Salman Khan after this one. According to certain speculations, this movie will be Kick’s sequel. 

AR Murugadoss Directing Salman

Sajith Nadiadwala will produce this movie. Fans are excited about Salman Khan’s upcoming role in AR Murugadoss’s Kick 2, as he is regarded as one of Bollywood’s top actors. According to the film crew, the first part of the film’s shooting will start in May and have a limited schedule. Additionally, there are rumours that this movie’s production will begin and continue in July. Additionally, it’s stated that AR will have finished Sivakarthikeyan’s movie by then. 

400 crore rupees budget

Additionally, it’s reported that Salman will star in this massive movie, which will have a 400 crore rupee budget. The movie has a lot of planned action scenes. According to reports, AR Murugadoss intends to offer the movie an international perspective because it will reportedly be shot in Portugal and other European nations. The movie is also expected to be released the following year. 

Sivakarthikeyan in the action arena


Although AR Murugadoss has directed some successful films in the past, such as Ramana, he struggled with Rajinikanth’s Darbar. But Murugadoss never committed to any further movies after that one. In this instance, there are high hopes for AR Murugadoss’s SK 23 film starring Sivakarthikeyan. It’s been reported that Sivakarthikeyan won’t be appearing in any comedic scenes in this action-packed comedy. 

Sivakarthikeyan as a police officer

Having portrayed numerous performers, notably Vijay as Getha, AR Murugadoss has received a great deal of accolades. There are high expectations as a result of Sivakarthikeyan joining his direction. Sivakarthikeyan is currently done with his role in Amaran. There are rumours that he plays a key role in this soon-to-be-released movie as well. In the movie, he portrayed a soldier. In SK 23, Sivakarthikeyan is presently similarly portraying a police officer. 

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