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When Allu Arjun asks a trash man in Bengaluru to chant the actor’s name, the police react

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The actor's supporters viciously attacked the man in the video, which went viral on social media, leaving him with serious injuries.
allu arjun

In response to a video posted on X showing Allu Arjun’s supporters assaulting a man in the city, the Bengaluru police were called in. 

A man in Bengaluru was beaten up by star Allu Arjun’s followers in what appears to be an offline version of an internet war. According to India Today, the Bengaluru City Police responded to the event after being notified through their official X account.

What transpired

A group of men can be seen viciously beating up another man in a video that is making the rounds on X. One of them is seen pleading with the man who is being physically assaulted to chant “Jai Allu Arjun” to stop the abuse. Nonetheless, the victim appears to be both bloodied and unwavering as he is being dragged across the ground. According to the portal, the altercation happened close to KR Puram.

There is no proof, but some X fans assert that the person being attacked is a Prabhas devotee. On X, a fan said, “Prabhas and Allu Arjun’s fans are passionate.

A Prabhas supporter in Bengaluru is reportedly the target of ten Allu Arjun supporters, which is regrettable. We demand that these kinds of events never occur again. (sic) Another commented, “Kalesh between Bunny fans vs. Prabhas fans (sic)” while uploading the video.

Police in Bengaluru reply

In response to a video published on the app, Bengaluru City Police’s official X account wrote, “We have informed @krpurambcpps for necessary action. @dcpwhitefield,” requesting that you DM them with more information. They also reacted to several other tweets that included information about the purported abuser captured on camera, claiming that the Bunny supporters had attempted to ‘murder’ Prabhas’ fan by tearing his clothes.

In Vizag, Allu Arjun shoots 

Allu Arjun has not yet responded to this social media dispute. On Sunday, he was observed travelling to Visakhapatnam for the filming of Pushpa: The Rule. Fans greeted the actor at the airport, showered him with flowers, and drove him to his hotel. There was a long queue of people waiting to take his photos and see him.

allu arjun
Allu Arjun in Vizag

“Pushpa 2: The Rule” is without a doubt one of the most anticipated movies of 2024. The much-awaited movie is scheduled to open in theatres on August 15, 2024. With just six months until its premiere, the movie’s production is well underway, and its creators are doing everything they can to make it the largest movie of 2024.

The degree of excitement surrounding the Allu Arjun movie is unparalleled, and the countdown to its release is growing every day.

Recently, Srivalli, the movie’s lead actress Rashmika Mandanna, posted an intimate photo taken on the sets of “Pushpa 2: The Rule,” in which she captured the visionary filmmaker Sukumar.

In this masterful Sukumar-directed follow-up to the smash hit “Pushpa: The Rise,” National Award-winning actor Allu Arjun is making a triumphant comeback. Rashmika Mandanna and the multifaceted actor Fahadh Fasil will also be joining the rule. The folks at Mythri Movie Makers are ready to deliver a family-friendly film that not only lives up to but surpasses the audience’s expectations.

Sukumar, who also directed the first instalment, is the director of Pushpa 2: The Rule, which features Allu Arjun, Rashmika Mandanna, and Fahadh Faasil. produced by Muttamsetty Media and Mythri Movie Makers. Pushpa 2: On August 15, 2024, the Rule will be made public.

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